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We try to keep our prices as straight forward and as affordable as possible. Unlike other dog trainers and canine specialists, we do not make it complicated by charging for miles travelled and journey time or for when an appointment with your dog takes longer than expected. Wherever you live in South East the price is the same, nothing else to add.

Training and Behaviour: 

Sessions are charged at £60. A typical session usually lasts around 120 mins but will usually reach a natural conclusion either slightly before or after this time. We will not watch the clock or charge for exact time allowing your beloved canine companion to get the most out of our time together. 


Dog & Puppy Training Group Classes £60 - Classes run throughout the year indoor and outdoor and are also available on request - minimum 6 dogs and following a 6 week programme.

Dog Walking:

30 Mins - £15

60 Mins - £20

90 Mins - £30 

Additional Dog - flat fee of £10 per dog any duration.

Drop in home visit to feed and or toilet 15 mins - £10

Adventures :

All our adventures include agreed treats, water and feeding if necessary.

Half Day Adventure to park, woods or beach (3 hours) - £75

Full Day Adventure to park, woods or beach (6 hours) - £120

Doggy Day Care up to 8 hours - £50


Please see our photography page for specific prices and please get in touch if you have an idea or question we can help you with.

Everyone at Unleashed is trained in pet first aid and is also professionally insured so you can have piece of mind that your dog is in safe hands. We can drop in and meet you and your dog at home prior to any bookings if required and we are also happy to arrange a face to face chat via skype or facetime if you have any questions.

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